Air Show Ministries
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Serving the Air Show Community
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Praying for Air Show Particpants

We pray for air show pilots and performers, as well as air shows. Pray along with us; prayer posts will be on "Angel9 - Air Show Ministries" on Facebook or @AirShowAngel9 on Twitter.
We had our first on-site prayer meeting at the Grand Junction air show! We hope to have chapel services next year.

Scheduling for 2014
If you would like to bring Angel9 to a future air show, car show or aviation museum, please contact us at

Air Show Chaplain Program
We can only attend a limited number of air shows with Angel9. We need chaplains to cover air shows! We are also looking for chaplains to join us serving at your local air show; if you are a pastor, fire/police/Rapid Response Team/Racers for Christ chaplain please contact us! If your air show has a need for an on-site chaplain or chapel service, contact us at

The Mission
To serve air show organizers, performers and spectators.

Why we serve
Air Show Ministries was created from a tremendous respect and admiration for pilots and performers, civilian and military, who fearlessly display their amazing skills at air shows.

We believe there is a great need for spiritual support for those who may not receive it as they perform their responsibilities and missions at various sites across the country.  

We pray for all involved in the air show community; we are also creating a network of on-site chaplains.

We are non-profit organization committed to serving the airshow community and our friends in the military aviation community in all aspects of spiritual study, growth and renewal.

Air Show Ministries is an independent organization, not affiliated with the U.S. Navy or the Blue Angels.

Corporate Sponsors
Air shows are visited by tens of thousands of spectators. Take advantage of Angel9's presence at these venues by partnering with us. We have sponsorships for businesses of all sizes. For more information, email us at

We would like to thank Steel Beach Accessories for partnering with us!

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